We can offer various forms of support to improve the efficiency of your production flow and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Line optimization

For planning or refurbishing production areas we can fully support you with the design or modification of the lay-out. By optimizing the machine orientation, we can ensure that fewer FTEs are needed, so that your investment is returned by reducing your labor costs. Return on investment times of 1 to 3 years are regularly met.

We realize the increase of your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by means of

The reduction of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is achieved by

In addition to the durability of your installation, we think of the welfare of your employees by ensuring

Whether it is a new production line or the modification of an existing line, we are happy to help you!


Whenever things becomes really difficult, you should ask 2B Conveyor Systems. We help you come up with a solution and develop it into an effective and cost-saving product that fits seamlessly into your line.


We can carry out inspections on all our conveyors and specials that are installed in your lines. We look at all wear parts such as bearings, chains, mats etc. and we will send a thorough report with our advice. Of course, our technicians can also carry out the required maintenance.

24-hour Service

We can supply single standard conveyor belts in 24 hours, complete with standard side guides and standard support legs. Order today, pick up 24 hours later (on weekdays) at the factory.




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