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Who are we?

2B Conveyor Systems specializes in internal transport systems.

We take care of the engineering, production, assembly and installation on location, of single conveyor belts up to complete production lines.

Our conveyor systems are used in the beverage, food, packaging, pharmaceutical, and other industries, and conform to the industry standards for hygiene and safety that apply to each branch.

We can use a wide range of standard components for the composition of our conveyor systems, so that we can quickly arrive at a total solution for your production line.

In addition to our extensive standard solutions, we also supply special installations and appliances. We deliver customization that can always be seamlessly integrated with existing installations. Innovation is our strength! 


The concept of heavy duty conveyor systems started 35 years ago, with the current emphasis on the following aspects:

 Our expertise has been expanded over time and currently focuses on solving more complex transport situations. In addition we also provide standard solutions. We like to think along with the customer to come up with working solutions. This has resulted in an expansion of the product range.

Services and products that we have developed:

Integration of among others:


At our new location we have a modern workshop with enough space to assemble complete projects.
In addition to our standard conveyors that we can assemble very quickly and accurately, we are also very capable of making our own specials. We have a professional machine park at our disposal with, among other things, a Teach-in turning and milling machine. We strive to let our employees master all facets of our work, with of course each their own specialism, so that work on our projects can continue at all times. After a project has been fully tested, we carry out a comprehensive final inspection. After this, if necessary, disassembly of the project will be carried out in as efficient a manner as possible for installation on location as quickly as possible.

Our partners

As 2B Conveyor Systems we are a participant of the Holland Engineering Group (HEG). This new group consists of four companies that support each other with their expertise. This enables us to carry out projects not only mechanically but also in terms of control technology. Of course in close cooperation with our customers.

Holland Engineering Group

Our partners are:


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