Conveyor belts

We build heavy duty, durable stainless steel conveyor belts for transporting a wide range of products and packaging. Our conveyor belts are delivered including adjustable side guides and support legs. Depending on the products and other preconditions, we can provide the following solutions:

Slat chain conveyorsSlat chain conveyors can move products quickly to and from machines in the production line.

Mat-top conveyorsMat-top conveyors can be used for the transport of larger products such as cardboard boxes or bulk containers, and for mass transport of smaller products.

Roller conveyorsFor stable products with a flat underside, such as boxes and crates, roller conveyors can be used.

Belt conveyorsBelt conveyors can be used for many different products and are very low-noise.

Pallet conveyorsWe can solve the transport of pallets with roller conveyors, with slat chain conveyors, with mat-top conveyors, or with a combination of these, tailor-made for your situation.

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